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Published Nonfiction

It’s hard to cover the playing field hereinwith to exemplify the full spectrum of my capabilities, given the limited space. So here’s a small random sampling –
from college to current.
If you are looking to hire me and have a specific topic you want to be sure I can manage, please email

Colonial Gables, a large mid-century single famiily development in Sarasota with moderate house pricing and no deed restrictions, seeks to create a cohesive neighborhood through regular communications including this monthly newsletter.

These three 8-1/2×11 one-sided legislator handouts were part of a campaign, packaged monthly with other materials, highlighting cost efficiency, to illustrate the need for Oregon’s unique health management program and were given to state representatives and senators before key voting. I received a letter from one of the senators thanking me for helping him know why it was important for him to vote for more OHP funding.

Effective media relations is vital for every nonprofit organization and business to share newsworthy happenings with audiences. I’ve worked on both sides, handled the myriad of media placements – traditional mainstream, industry publications, online, etc – via pitches and press releases and served when necessary as spokesperson. And, in admitting my age, I’ve been professionally published for 36 years.

I’ve created campaigns and produced – from concept through writing to inception – materials that enlighten, inform and engage consumers. This whitesheet on a newly-created institute to support careers and education in agribusiness helped drive college enrollment; this plan was developed to help students raise funds for their Speech & Debate Team, which received no school funding; and, the brochure (designed before the onset of sophisticated and simplistic software apps) brought visitors, and vital fundraising support, to the one-of-a-kind Pathfinder Village.

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