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A Personal Story

It’s always hoped that one’s personal life will remain in the personal sphere. But in today’s electronic accessibility, that’s not always the case. Like mine.

It’s important I clarify what happened, especially because my work involves a public presence, trust and integrity. I take that very seriously. The issue of clarification is most necessary because there is a mugshot of me on the Internet. Private companies making money off those mugshots won’t remove the information, even though the Assistant District Attorney swiftly dropped the charge.

I’d like to tell you what happened right here – in the very public environment where my personal life is exposed. Sadly, however, I’m currently in a position in which that wouldn’t achieve the best outcome.

Previously on my website I published the entire story. But today I received a call from the other person involved in the incident and was encouraged to take it down. In the story, I did not mention the other person’s name, was not slanderous, all facts and references were attributed, and all opinions belonged solely to me.

Readers, agents, current and prospective clients – anyone who’s interested – deserves to know the full story. You may ask me directly via my email and I’ll share it with you.

There are other personal stories in my life that also would make good reads. The stories are complicated and painful and very human. I’ve had a messy life thus far. But they’re also filled with insight, perspective, empathy and a huge dose of respect for humanity and nature.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Partnering with me on your communications’ efforts will bring you a richness and depth of experience that others can’t provide. That’s the difference.

Stories begin from the heart.

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