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About Me

Hi! I’m Dianne … and I’m dianne2write. Get it?! Dyin to write!! Hahaha.

Ok, maybe I’m not dying to write all the time. But I do like quirky jokes while I write.

what I do: Write Words for Success!

emerging KidLit author … PR practitioner … written storyteller … prolific note-writer … former journalist

write and guide everything nonfiction, from digital newsletters to media releases to college essays

who I do it for: anyone who needs ROI-driven written products

            and especially for children & adults, raised by a mother with mental health illness,
            who are learning to accept the emotional side effects embedded into their being

what I cherish: imagination – anywhere and everywhere

            real-life experiences that tilt my perspective

what I feel best about: raising a critical thinker, a person who wields her tongue for humanity’s goodness, strives to attain success in the projects she pursues, and devours gelato by the bucketloads

what are some favs: driving on skinny roads on mountain edges

            twisting twine into macramé plant hangers

            blissfully overusing adverbs

what are some pet peeves: bright light in my eyes while trying to sleep

            snoring while I’m trying to sleep

            bed hogging — again while I’m trying to sleep … bottom line: I like to sleep! 🙂

what are the essential details of my life: I cry to Bee Gees’ Nights on Broadway

grateful that everyone in my family is healthy

           love my kitty, a very athletic Egyptian Mau

           love living only 36 feet above sea level

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