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Fiction Author – Home Renovator – Volunteer – Nonfiction Award Recipient

Emerging Middle Grade Author

It was always my plan to write a children’s book. Even when I was a kid. There didn’t seem to be books that spoke directly to my situation or my deep interest. I enjoyed Scott O’Dell’s Island of the Blue Dolphins and The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin by Beatrix Potter. And topping my favorites were (and still are) Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel by Virginia Lee Burton, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak and Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince. But I also wanted something between realistic fiction and fantasy. Stories based in reality that teeter on the precipice of a new dimension threaded with adventure … as though, if we scour the earth, we can actually get there.

I’ve been hard at work on that such novel … writing, taking classes, gleening tips from workshops and, of most value, receiving a critique and copy edit of my manuscript draft from an accomplished author and writint coach.

“You have a beautiful gem here,” wrote Joyce Sweeney after critiquing my work-in-progress. “I really enjoyed the world you are creating here for Rudy! You have a great group of friends and Rudy’s dad is also a wonderful character.  The situation is moving …and the weaving of science and emotion here is great. It’s not just a book for science geeks, it’s a book that could hook non geeks into science.”

Sweeney has published over a dozen novels for young adults. As a writing coach she has successfully helped launch the careers of over a dozen KidLit writers. And she’s the originator of the author’s Plot Clock – a tool that will Marie-Kondo any writer’s rough manuscript.

Home Renovation

Singlehandedly rebuilt my mid-20th Century home – from pounding down walls and replacing floors to building furniture and decorating rooms —
interior, exterior & landscaping …. sigh; exhausting but gratifying work


Ongoing efforts through a few solar cycles to pay-it-forward: elementary school reading tutor, congress judge for high school Speech and Debate, Girl Scouts troop leader & certified camp instructor, mentor for several adolescents in varying home situations

Public Relations, Marketing Communications and Journalism

Shared with important constituents the excellence of organizations and small businesses that serve health care, higher education, Down syndrome and at-risk youth — and strived to generate empathy, change perceptions, motivate stakeholders and raise needed funds

Currently setting up business to take on clients in a freelance and consulting capacity.


Roughly two dozen in Public Relations, Communications and Journalism; here are the ones that wow me:

Communicator of the Year
International Association of Business Communicators
Portland, Oregon Chapter

First place for “Impact of a President”
presidential conspectus special publication
State University of New York
Council for University Advancement

First Place for “Intergenerational Fabric of Life”
Black & White Photography
County of Otsego, New York

Associated Press Award for “Getting Out the Milk Message”
Feature Article in the Business/Marketing Category

Plus various honorable mentions from the
Public Relations Society of America, Portland and Rochester chapters, and various other honors from peer organizations

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