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write words for success

emerging KidLit author, experienced and trusted PR practitioner

I’m an award-winning Public Relations writer and ROI-driven communications strategist who can quickly, efficiently and eloquently develop content and produce everything from digital newsletters to multi-layered campaigns.

With several decades experience of understanding the key factor in target audience – my writing takes nonprofits and small business owners to the next level in brand imaging. Equally, I bring this ability to my work guiding students in their high school term papers and for college essay applications.

The ingredient that differentiates my writing lies in my life’s passion – to help children and adults raised by mothers with mental illness learn to live with the emotional responses woven into their being. I’ve honed this passion into a wellspring of emotional awareness that allows me to tap into the psyche of corporate identity.

By doing so, I can precisely identify the key attributes of your mission, humanize industry lingo, and add warmth to your stories to align with the right audiences and get you the attention and recognition you deserve.

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